Teeth Whitening

At Michelle L. Lehman D.D.S. our patients leave with brighter smiles!

Professional teeth whitening can be done in the dental office or at home. Both procedures are safe and effective.  However, results are seen much quicker with the in-office whitening.

Discoloration due to diet, smoking, age and natural tooth color can often be lightened significantly.

In-office whitening involves placement of a high-concentration peroxide solution onto the teeth. Whitening is enhanced with the use of a high-intensity light. The procedure involves careful isolation of the gum tissue and lips to prevent contact with the peroxide, followed by multiple applications of the whitening gel. Patients are offered take-home trays to continue the whitening process as desired or for future touch-ups. Take-home whitening utilizes a lower concentration of peroxide gel that is placed in custom-made whitening trays. Trays are worn for short periods during the day or overnight, depending on the formulation of the gel. The fit of the trays is important for comfortable and effective use.

The process usually takes two weeks of home whitening is commonly required for satisfactory results.  However, time varies amongst patients.